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Website conversion tracking is the process of monitoring the actions that customers take to get closer to a specific goal. These range from making a purchase on your site to signing up for your newsletter.

Tracking conversions gives marketers insights into how their marketing efforts are actually impacting business growth. This data optimizes the advertising budget to better drive desired actions.

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Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking

  • Conversion tracking is the process of monitoring consumer actions that move your company closer to a preset goal. These include making a purchase, signing up for an email list, or filling out a contact form. It is an essential way to monitor how well your marketing campaigns perform, facilitating strategic decisions about campaign optimizations that grow your business.
  • When advertising online, a web pixel that records specific actions a consumer takes after seeing or clicking on an ad usually facilitates conversion tracking. Analytics tools or digital advertising platforms collect and analyze this data.
  • The set-up process differs, depending on the type of conversion you want to track. For example, a website uses a pixel to track a website purchase, or a mobile app uses a pixel to track in-app activities.
  • Typically, a tracking pixel is on your site and fires when a user performs a defined action such as purchasing or signing up for an email list. The tracked data is then logged into an analytics tool or, in the case of digital advertising campaigns, on all major advertising platforms.
  • In addition to collecting and analyzing data, you can use a pixel to create an email retargeting campaign for abandoned shopping carts or newsletter signups. This retargeting takes direction from your conversion tracking data, so you can send the right message to the right person at the right time. It’s especially helpful if you are attempting to improve a certain KPI, such as converting a cart addition to a purchase, or boosting a social media following.
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Conversion Tracking

Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics is a web-based service that provides users with an array of data and metrics about their websites. It tracks user behavior on a site and gives marketers a detailed analysis of their website performance.
  • It also provides insights into how visitors use a site, including bounce rate and conversion rates. This information aids businesses improve their overall site experience and optimize their marketing efforts.
  • The key to making Google Analytics work is to set up goals that matter to your business and measure them. This means setting up a goal for a specific action that a visitor takes, such as completing a download or signing up to receive a newsletter.
  • Once you set up these goals, view a report that outlines the path a visitor took to complete them. Use this info to identify weaknesses in your website and develop a plan to address them.
  • Another useful tool in Google Analytics is the events flow report, which gives insight into how visitors move through your website. For example, you can see which pages a visitor visited before they clicked on your registration form or which eBooks they downloaded most often.
  • In the Conversions section of Google Analytics, you can track how many visitors are converting into newsletter subscribers, shoppers, or actual customers. This way you can determine what content is most effective at getting people to click on your call to action or purchase your product.
  • The real-time analytics feature in Google Analytics is a powerful tool that monitors user activity on your website in real time. This helps you identify any problems that may cause visitors to leave your site before they complete their conversions, such as downloading an eBook or signing up for your email list.
Conversion Tracking

Google Tag Manager

  • Google Tag Manager is a powerful tool that lets marketers track website conversions without the need for a web developer. It helps businesses adapt to changing marketing conditions and move from one experiment to another quickly and efficiently.
  • GTM also offers different features that make it easy to collaborate across teams and projects. It allows multiple users to log in, view, edit, and publish tags with user-specific permission levels. This feature makes it easier for marketing and web development teams to collaborate and share access with clients while ensuring that each person has full control of their account.
  • Another important function is triggers, which let you send data to third-party tools when specific events happen. For example, set up a trigger to track clicks on a particular link or someone submits a form. This way, you can target your campaigns to the most likely audience and boost conversions.
  • Google Tag Manager has a built-in debugging feature that lets you preview tags and triggers before they go live on your website. This feature is especially useful if you need to make changes and updates to your tags or triggers.
  • Aside from the ability to edit your tags and triggers, Google Tag Manager also comes with a version control feature that archives previous versions of your tags and creates new ones whenever you update your container. This is especially useful if you accidentally publish incorrect changes to your site and need to get back to a previous version.
  • In addition to a wide array of tagging options, Google Tag Manager also supports many other online tracking services, including AdWords and Google Analytics. Its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use coding make it an ideal choice for anyone who needs to implement tracking codes on their website.
Conversion Tracking

Open Site Explorer

  • Open Site Explorer is an SEO tool that performs competitive website research by exploring backlinks, anchor text, and more. It is part of the Moz suite of tools, and it works with a Moz Pro subscription.
  • It uses the Linkscape index to provide comprehensive link data and is available for free for 48 hours. After that, it requires a paid Pro account.
  • OSE offers a variety of data points and a number of filtering options that make it easy to analyze links. It also provides comparisons between two domains side-by-side.
  • While OSE has some drawbacks, it’s a useful resource for anyone who wants to learn more about their competitors’ link profiles. It also helps you identify potential opportunities for link building.
  • The latest version of OSE includes new social metrics, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google +1. It also has a new link report that allows for quick viewing of up to five sites.
  • Using OSE is simple: Simply enter the URL of your target, and it will generate a comprehensive list of links and corresponding anchor text. The link analysis will also give you insights into the website’s domain and page authority, as well as its link profile.
  • OSE is a must-have for any digital marketer who wants to build a strong online presence. Its free version works well for beginners, while paying users get access to advanced metrics and a range of additional features.
Conversion Tracking

Google Insights

  • Google Insights is a tool for website owners that analyzes your site’s content to identify trends. It also provides tips on how to improve your site’s performance.
  • Insights allows you to track the number of visitors that visit your website and the actions they take once they arrive. It determines which areas of your site need improvement and what type of content you should create to generate more traffic.
  • It’s also useful to identify what pages are assisting in the conversion process, which is valuable information for retargeting campaigns. For example, if your service request form is getting more than a million views but fewer than a thousand conversions, it could be a sign you need to add more forms or update the page to encourage conversions.
  • There are a number of tools for website analytics, but Insights is one of the most useful. Its reports are easy to read and understand, which is essential for website owners who want to make the most of their analytics.
  • For instance, the Search Queries section of Insights shows a list of search terms that customers have used to find your business. This helps marketers who want to optimize their websites with keywords that have the highest search volume.
  • Similarly, Insights tells you how many people are looking for your business via Google Maps. It also shows you the location of those people, so you can target your ads to a specific area.
  • It also determines which days and times are more profitable for your business. This data helps in scheduling new blog posts or advertising on social media platforms.
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