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It’s no secret that maintaining your website is challenging. We provide 24/7 website maintenance to keep your site stable and secure. Contact us!

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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance Services

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Websites are increasing in number day-by-day. Hosting and maintaining a website is a necessity. The average small business doesn’t have time to successfully run a business, follow current web design trends, and keep its website up to date.

Web maintenance calls for expertise in the field of web development. To ensure perfect maintenance work, it is always better to outsource the work to an organization that specializes in web services and maintenance.

Some of the major website maintenance services we provide are below in detail.

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Types of website maintenance services

  • Web live chat: Never leave your website unstaffed. Let our custom-trained in-house agents take care of it. We staff your chat 24/7, engage in real conversations and drive 3x more leads. Chat support available. Steps: Sign up, add cod, and go live.
  • SEO health reports: We provide in-depth SEO reports for your website. These reports will help identify SEO mistakes that we can fix to boost your rankings. Our company won’t just let you know about SEO errors but can assist, step-by-step, to fix all the errors and increase your website ranking overall.
  • Google penalty checks: You might be wondering what a Google penalty check is. Well, the Google penalty check is a punishment Google gives to website owners. Google runs manual checks on websites and gives penalties to websites that have malware or are not up to date. Our maintenance service involves Google penalty check and saves you from getting into trouble.
  • Broken link audits: Our link-checking tools provide the best reports on broken links, server issues, inaccessible images, pages, slow loading pages and missing images from your website.
  • Crawl errors: Crawl errors are the most common errors on any website. Crawl errors occur when a search engine is trying to reach every page on your website but fails to reach one or more pages. Our maintenance service will fix all the crawl errors on your website to make it more SEO-optimized.
  • Internal link analysis: We provide you detailed analytical reports on the number of links in your website, the number of internal and external links, the percentage of duplicate links, etc.
  • Site crawls: Crawl-ability means the search engine can access every page on your website. Our maintenance team gives you a complete overview of your website’s crawl-ability and will also fix errors.
  • Site usability: Our maintenance team will ensure that your site corresponds with the principles of user-centered design. If not, the maintenance team will make the necessary changes to your website to align it with your motive and user’s demands.
  • Mobile usability: With the rise of mobile phones in the past decade, mobile-accessible content has become a priority. We offer services for making your website mobile-friendly. We guarantee complete maintenance of both the mobile and desktop version of your website. Get in touch with us to know more.
  • Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt file updates: Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt are two important files that help search engine bots crawl your site easily. The files give commands to search engine bots regarding which pages to crawl on your site. Our maintenance team ensures and carries out regular updates of these two files to make your website more crawlable and more visible on various search engines.
  • Website security: With increasing incidents of hacking and data breaches, making a website safe and secure is our priority. Our website security team provides and implements the best solutions to make your website secure. We use some of the best firewalls to ensure 100 percent safety to our clients.
  • Website backups: Storing and preserving your website’s important content is very necessary. If your website encounters a data breach, then all your content is lost. Our maintenance team ensures a complete backup of your website’s important content, which is easily accessible.
  • Code upgrades: Code upgrades include changing and modifying the WordPress core code and plug-ins. Make changing your code frequently a habit. We ensure the complete modification of your code to make it more compact, easy-to-understand, and reliable.
  • Broken links, HTML errors, and website errors: Finding and fixing errors is a very tiresome and time-consuming job. We have an entire team trained and dedicated to finding errors and making the website free from ongoing errors.
  • Page speed optimization: Slow speed and slow loading are the most common issues among website owners. Our maintenance team performs the necessary steps needed to increase the server and loading speed of your website.
  • WordPress maintenance: Our support team maintains and rechecks WordPress hosting, themes, and plug-ins. We make the website appealing and attractive. Our company strictly follows the principles of user-centered design.
  • Google Analytics reports: Visually analyze your web traffic data. Track your critical web traffic metrics. How good is advertising and publicity that’s not trackable? We track your website and provide detailed traffic reports. Our maintenance and data-analytics team is expert in interpreting the necessary steps and decisions to take.

We leave no stone unturned in making sure your website performs at its peak performance.

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